Brielle Lampright
Sport: Girls Football
Position: Top Female Football Player in the US
Home State: Utah
Grad Class: 2023
Personal Motto:
"Champion the Change, Embody the Progress"​​​​​​​
Elmarko Jackson
Sport: Basketball
Position: Guard
Home State: New Jersey
Grad Class: 2023
Committed: Kansas University
Personal Motto:
"Define your presence, the moment is now"
Allison Berent
Sport: Volleyball
PositionLibero/Defensive Specialist
Home StateMichigan
Grad Class: 2023
Committed: University of Alabama
Personal Motto:
"Be Loud. Stand Out. Hit the Floor. Give Us More."
Konnor Griffin
Sport: Baseball
Position: Pitcher/SS
Home State: Mississippi
Grad Class: 2024
Committed: Louisiana State University
Personal Motto:
"Stay Humble, Stay Hungry, There's always more work to be done."
Mia Williams
Sport: Softball
Position: SS
Home State: Florida
Grad Class: 2023
Committed: University of Florida
Personal Motto:
"My purpose drives my passion, Impossible is only a word."
Tyler Flynn
Sport: Soccer
Position: Midfielder
Home State: Maryland
Grad Class: 2023
Committed: Penn State University
Personal Motto:
"Immerse yourself in the craft, honor the vision"
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