A note from Fink Tank

I'm Lauren Fink, pronouns are they/them. My friends call me Finkie or just Fink. I'm a non-binary queer designer based in Portland, Oregon. 
I love a good pun, a bad dad joke, and get inspired by adventuring around the PNW. My skills range from typography and layouts to package design and footwear...and it doesn't stop there. 
Currently, I'm dissecting sneakers and working my way into the footwear industry. One day, I hope to design gender-inclusive outdoor apparel so members of my community can simply be themselves outside.
Oh, and this is my pride and joy, Stormi. She is my coworker, and we come as a package deal.
Have something in mind?
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As your message is being sent through the Fink Tank and to the Finkie...I'd like to thank you for checking out my work. Hope it inspired you!
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