Creative Director
What started as a campaign has evolved into a movement. Live Local INW is a local marketplace keeping the local dollar within the community. Instead of purchasing from multinational e-commerce brands, Live Local INW serves as a local directory where consumers discover the products they need can be purchased down the street and supports your local business owner.
For the two-month contract, I was responsible for overseeing everything creative. I designed digital and print ads, promotional collateral, and the overall aesthetic for video/photography content. ​​​​​​​
Lead Design
With its roots in Spokane, Live Local INW is in the beginning stages of growth within rural Eastern Washington, from Colville to Davenport to Pullman, Washington.
As the Creative Director, it was of utmost importance to consistently tell the story of the owners behind the businesses and promote the importance of buying locally to consumers. With the help of my team, our campaigns shared the positive impacts of supporting your local economy. 
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